This year, in the EPC, we undertook a very exciting butterfly project!

One sunny Wednesday in April, 5 little caterpillars arrived in the EPC (by post!) and for nearly four weeks, we took very special care of them.

When the caterpillars arrived, they were tiny. At the beginning, they stayed in their special habitat, which was full of food for their hungry tummies. For two weeks, they just ate and ate!

Then, we watched the 5 caterpillars wriggle up to the top of their habitat. They were very long and fat by then! One by one, day after day, we watched them spin their cocoons. We used a magnifying glass to watch them very closely.

When all the cocoons had spun, we transferred them to a new habitat. It was much bigger and made especially for our butterflies!

Then, we had to be patient. We waited for the cocoons to hatch. Every day, we checked on them… and finally, one by one, we watched our 5 painted lady butterflies emerge from their cocoons. It was super!

And then, on a sunny spring day, nearly 4 weeks later, we set our 5 butterflies free. Fly away, butterflies, fly away!