"In the game, you can get to know a person in an hour better than talking in a year."


Our team consists of four trained nursery teachers, three helpers, a cook and another helper for 3 days a week. We are happy to introduce ourselves here.

Our Team


Mag. Brigitte Edenberger-Traintinger

Head of the organization

My name is Brigitte, but everyone calls me "Gitti". I am a qualified kindergarten teacher and psychologist. In the year 2008 I took over the head of the  EPC and worked there as a pedagogical leader and  kindergarten teacher with the little ones. 

In 2012 and 2015 I got a proud mom of a son and a daughter. Since that I´m running the EPC office and I am happy to help out, wherever I´m needed. 

For me, the EPC is the perfect place to work and to follow the passion: learning by doing!



Christiane Sarah Nowotny

pedagogical leader / german language support

My name is Christiane and I am working at the English Play Corner since 2016. I am half Amercian half Austrian. I am blessed with speaking English and German fluently which makes working here with children and parents perfect. I´ve got the best of both. I´m in charge of the EPC and I get to be the teacher of the “bumblebees” who I adore working with.

Aside from working I´ve made sports and dance to my passion. It´s the perfect balance. I love to travel the world to see different places and cultures, to meet people and to see what this world has to offer. And still there is no place like home where I find myself with family and friends.

Hannah Frances Grünwald

Hannah Frances Grünwald

Group leader "bumblebees"

My name is Hannah and I started at the English Play Corner in 2017 Salzburg. I started as a helper in the bumblebee group. 2018 I started the BOE course, to become a group leader. Since December 2019 I am leading the bumblebee group.

Salzburg has been my home since 2010. My family is a mix of East and West: I come from the Philippines and my husband is from Hungary. I am a mother of a 3-year old boy. I enjoy singing and travelling.

Petra Wenisch

Group leader" bumblebees"

My name is Petra, I was born in Krems and I graduated in the school for kindergarden education in St. Pölten in lower Austria. I started in the EPC in September 2018.

I have always loved traveling around the world, I enjoyed exploring foreign countries, meeting great peolple and improving my English skills. In my spare time, I enjoy to spend time with friends and familiy, doing sports or reading exciting books

Aoife Gavin

Group leader "owls"

My name is Aoife. I am 26 years old and I am a teacher from Ireland. I have recently moved to Salzburg and cannot wait to experience everything it has to offer!

I have a degree in Early Childhood Care and Education as well as a masters in Primary Education. I have worked both in elementary school and kindergarten settings. I have a passion for children’s learning and creativity and love anything to do with the outdoors.

Olivia Wimmer de Jersey

Group leader "hedgehogs"

Hello everybody! My Name is Olivia and I have been part of the English Play Corner Team since Autumn 2019. I am half Australian and half Austrian and grew up bilingual. For this I am thankful because it gave me the possibility to be fluent in two languages. I am married and am a proud mother of two daughters who are also growing up bilingual. have to ask 

I have completed my Bachelors in Pedagogy at the University of Salzburg and I am now in the process of doing my master’s degree. 

I am delighted to get to know the wonderful fantasy world of every child in kindergarten and am looking forward to accompanying them in this precious childhood phase. 

In my free time I love teaching ballroom dance and travelling to faraway countries

Susi Embacher

Susi Embacher


My name is Susi and I am the children´s chef cook at the English Play Corner since 2008. I encourage, challenge and help children to develop a taste for food. Healthy food is one of my secrets to keep up the energy level we need.

In my spare time my passion is sports outdoors and indoors. I am married and I have 3 grown up children who I love to spend time with.



Assistent bumblebee

My name is Anne-Marie, I am Irish and I am the group leader for the bumblebees. I am married with four children of my own. I am passionate about dance and sports and I am excited to be helping your children grow and learn during the special years that they spend in kindergarten.

Kelly Lehmann

Kelly Lehmann

Assistant "owls and hedgehogs"
My name is Kelly Lehmann and I'm from the United States. I am married and have 2 children. In my free time I enjoy fitness, hiking, camping and spending time with my family.
Since March 2018, I have been an assistant for all groups at the English Play Corner. It is my pleasure to spend time with the children and to accompany them on their kindergarten journey.

Evelyn Rachel Nowotny

Assistant in the afternoons


Dear parents!. My Name is Evelyn Rachel and I am born in 1990. I am the little sister of Christiane. 

I live in the beautiful town named Kuchl with my boyfriend Maximilian and my stepson. 
I've collected alot of work experience as a fitnesstrainer and Kindergarden helper the past few years. 

Working with children is the most rewarding job I can imagine. I enjoy seeing these precious little people grow, learn and spread lots of laughter and love. 

Lorena Corzo Mimbrera

Assistent "bumblebees"

My name is Lorena and I originally come from Barcelona, Spain. I have been living in beautiful Salzburg for 6 years now and I´ve been at the EPC since Autumn 2015. I am currently one of the bumblebees helpers.

In my free time I love doing Yoga ( I´m  also a yoga teacher), dancing, swimming and traveling. I´m very passionate about other cultures and languages.

Milla Kaskitalo

Assistent owls & hedgehogs

My name is Milla and I have been living in Salzburg from 2016 onwards with my family which includes 3 year old twin boys and my Ecuadorian partner.

I am a dance and a yoga teacher as my main profession but I have always been passionate about working and engaging with children as well. I grew up taking care of the children in my family and I have been teaching dance to children and adults since my early twenties. I love to encourage children with their own creativity and stimulate their natural will to move, play and explore the world.

I am very happy to work as an assistant in the English Play Corner from 2020 onwards and be part of the wonderful international team.

Julia Dertnig

Julia Dertnig

maternity leave

My name is Julia and I am the leader of the hedgehogs. I was born in May 1990 in Schwarzach im Pongau. After I graduated I moved to the USA (New Jersey) and worked as an Au Pair for a year.

I enjoy doing lots of exciting and creative things with the children. Music, movement and outdoor activities are my favorite things to do at the EPC.

I am a passionate traveler and I enjoy spending my free time with friends and family.